Korean language courses

Since 2015 the students of the University of Customs and Finance have a unique opportunity to study Korean with highly-qualified language teachers in the walls of the alma mater due to the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Dnipropetrovsk School of Korean! Classes are provided by speakers and teachers with international certificates confirming the level of knowledge of Korean (TOPIK).


Classes are held at the Department of Foreign Languages and Professional Language Training. The Beginner's Course Program reveals the subtleties of pronunciation, grammar, and concerns the cultural, history and tradition of South Korea.


Special features for Korean language learners:

- Involvement in the grant programs of the Republic of Korea, first of all, on customs and foreign economic issues;

- Participation in educational and country studies programs and projects, including, in case of availability, exchange of students, postgraduate students and teachers;

- Facilitating the acquisition of places of practice in Samsung, LG and other Korean business representatives in Ukraine for the best university students studying the Korean language (provided they have at least two semesters of language);

- Preparation according to the specially developed program of training for international examination on the knowledge of the Korean language TOPIK (I-IV levels);

- Language certificates.


Presentation on Korean language courses


For all questions, apply to the Department of Foreign Languages and Professional Language Training (Educational Building 1, room 326); Phone: +38 (096) 241 31 78.


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