International students’ festival “Friendship Without Measures” 2016



On May 31, 2016 on the base of the University of Customs and Finance there was held the first joint international festival of foreign students of Ukrainian universities. It was a very amazing and fascinating performance where the students represented their cultures and civilizations via national dances, songs and anthems. We had an opportunity to travel around such countries as Angola, Egypt, Marokko, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, India.


Azerbaijan was represented by the students from the University of Customs and Finance, who sang their national anthem of Azerbaijan. The guests of Azerbaijan League in Dnipropetrovs’k region sang a song and recited a poem about Azerbaijan. 


We also heard a song about Turkmenistan by Ayna Amanova, the student of Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk national university. Mahriban Novruzova, the student from the University of Customs and Finance recited a poem about Ukraine, being dressed in Vyshyvanka. Ukrainian theme was also shown in the dance by “Veselka” “Cossaks are going…” and the song about Ukraine.


African civilization is represented by various countries. Among them – Angola. The student from the National mining university Raul Francshyshku presented us his contemporary afro house song about Angola in his native Portuguese language. The culture of Angola was also shown in their national dances – samba and zumba mix. Thanks to these amazing dances the students from University of Customs and Finance were applauded by all the audience. Hamilton Branko devoted his story to Angola and its capital Luanda. Not less interesting performance was the song “My Honey, take me with you” in Russian (Миленький ты мой, возьми меня с собой), which was sang by the students from Angola of National Metallurgical Academy.


The representatives of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy presented us their mega cool performance in 6 dances and songs – “Big Ben” band with their mix dance, the songs: “Mirrors” (Зеркала) and “She will be back” (Она вернется) by the students from India and Marokko Khan Zuel and Elle Hadgy Ayub. Not less cool were the songs by the guys from “Garage Band” (the students from Egypt and Morocco). The guitarists sang two beautiful songs in English and Arabic languages. And at the end of the performance the representatives from Asia region there was a surprise – the dance “Asia Mix” in national suits. 


The students were congratulated by the Advisor of the Minister of Defense Ms. Tetyana Borysivna Rychkova. Among the guests there were present the Vice-Rectors and their advisors of all the Universities and the heads of Azerbaijan League and Turkmenistan Communities. 


The atmosphere was very friendly during the festival. It presented us lots of emotions. It was a real holiday of friendship without measures.


The authorities of the University, the Vice-Rector Zhyr Serhiy Ivanovych and the Head of international relations department Barabash Yuliia Vasylivna appreciate to the guests and participants from our Dnipropetrovsk Universities for their performance. 


We would also like to thank the students, who contributed much to organizing the concert – Olha Lokota, Andriy Mitin, Yanina Shulyak, Oleksandr Lesyuk and Oleksandr Biryuk.


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