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In order to use the best practices for training of customs officers the University of Customs and Finance actively develops relations with the leading foreign organizations of other countries. Today students and academic staff of the University are involved into international educational projects, international conferences, scientific forums, symposia, workshops and summer schools under agreements signed with foreign universities. There are scientific and practical international conferences and workshops on the base of the University, so plenty of international scientists have visited the University.

The main focus of international activity of the University is cooperation with the World Customs Organization (WCO). In the frame of such cooperation on the base of the University there was
2established the WCO Regional Training Centre in 2010. The World Customs Organization considers that the University is the important element in implementation of WCO strategy in the European region as the academic and methodological centre. The University has joined the Five of pilot higher educational establishments of the world in implementation of International Professional Standards.

The University is also the member of the International Network of Customs Universities, and this year has received the Certificate of Recognition for active participation in and contribution to international education and research in the field of customs and International Trade.

The University collaborates with more than 20 higher educational establishments and organizations, is an active performer of international projects, one of which is the WCO PICARD (Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development). Annually the academic staff and student of the University take part at PICARD Conferences and present the results of their research projects there.

(students and teaching staff of the University of Customs and Finance with the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, PICARD Conference, 2015)

Under collaboration with the Center for International Legal Studies, the University has the opportunity to participate in "Foreign lecturers for universities in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union” program, so the professors from all over the world come every year to the University and give lectures in Legal Studies.


It should be noted that, since 2007 the European coordinator and instructor of Real Protection Academy, has been holding the annual workshops at Krav Maga fight on the base of the University.


An important event for the University was the establishment of the Ukrainian-Polish Center (UPC) in 2007. The UPC partners are the Embassy of Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Consulate General of Poland in Kharkiv, Polish Institute in Kyiv. On the basis of UPC there were opened the courses of the Polish language and culture. Students of the University and other higher educational establishments have the opportunity to get knowledge of Polish and English at Summer Schools, which are held annually in Republic of Poland.


Since 2015 the University has been establishing the fruitful collaboration with the Embassy of Republic of Korea in Ukraine. Due to this fact there were opened the courses of the Korean language on the base of the University where the native speakers give lectures to our students and all concerned.

The University trains also students from foreign countries such as Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Angola, Russia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Nigeria etc.

From the third year of studying the foreign students have practical training period at the customs bodies and financial institutions, enterprises and other Ukrainian and foreign establishments.

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